Best Sex Toys for Men

Cobra Libre Vibrator for Men (£89.99).  The world’s first male vibrator now available in the UK.

Tenga Flip Hole Black (£74.99) A male masturbator that is better than the real thing.

Ice Lady Fleshlight (£55.99) The most highly rated of the famous Fleshlight sex toys for men.

BonerShaker (£119) A powerful male vibrator that thrusts, throbs and shakes!

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LoveHoney O Force Male Vibrator

o-forceO Force (£34)

Another new vibrator for men, this sex toy has the LoveHoney stamp of quality, as well as being extremely affordable at only £34. Its ergonomic form packs an impressive 5 intense vibration speeds that will buzz your cock to an out of this world orgasm.

Made from silicone, the masturbator has comfortable ribbed interior. The toy is 100% waterproof.

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Apollo Alpha Vibrating Stroker

apollo-alpha-strokerApollo Stroker (£69)

The Apollo Stroker is the must buy male masturbator this Christmas (2014).  Set to revolutionize the male sex toy market, the Apollo is a powerful male vibrator whilst remaining a recognizable and traditional high end stroker/masturbator.  The incredible vibrator has no less than 30 powerful functions for you to play around with.  If this doesn’t satisfy you, perhaps sex toys are simply not your thing!

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Screaming O Open Faced Male Masturbator

screaming-oScreaming O (£9)

A novel new male stroker that features a unique open faced design.  Simply squeeze with your palm around your penis while you slide it up and down and the ribbed soft texture of the masturbator will do the rest!

Extremely simple to clean after use, the toy is also discreet to carry around.

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Apollo Power Stroker Vibrator for Men

apollo-power-strokerApollo Power Stroker (£49)

A new vibrating masturbator for men that is the latest in a recent rush of intriguing new sex toys for men.  This could be the most sophisticated yet.

This toy is both a stroker and a vibrator, with no less than 30 vibrating speeds and patterns for your penis to enjoy.

It has been particularly designed to mimic the sucking sensation of a blowjob.

Also comes with a detachable suction cup for hands free pleasure!

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Pipedream Extreme Vibrating and Rotating Head Teazer

pipedream-vibrating-headPipedream Head Teazer (£59)

The most advanced vibrator for men ever made, this sex toy takes advantage of the physiology of the male penis to ensure that it doesn’t just vibrate (as in a female sex toy), it also rotates around the shaft of your cock.

3 rotating patterns combine with no less than 3 speeds and 7 vibrations.  This male masturbator is sure to create a buzz in the sex toy world…and whilst wrapped around your penis!

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Marc Dorcel Double Ended Male Masturbator

marc-dorsel-masturbatorMarc Dorcel Masturbator (£22)

Interesting new masturbator from Marc Dorcel, a famous porn brand now releasing some high quality but cheap male sex toys.  This male stroker is double ended, with a different texture at each end of the inner sleeve.  The material and design is such that its easy to control pressure with the tightness of your grip.

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Nexus Max 5 Prostate Massager Vibrator

nexus-5Nexus 5 Prostate Vibrator (£42)

Nexus have done it again with this superb new version of their famous prostate vibrator.  With this sophisticated and sexy bulbous prostate massager you can stimulate your P-spot time and again. The toy is powered by a removable powerful bullet that sits in the base of this silky smooth prostate vibrator, offering no less than 2 vibration speeds and 1 pulsating pattern.

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HEPS Oral Sex Simulator

heps-oral-toyHEPS Oral Simulator (£84)

One of the most interesting sex toys for men released onto the UK market in 2013, this is a sophisticated oral sex simulator that comes complete with realistic tongue. You really need to see the LoveHoney video (click link) on the product page to see how the thing works. An interesting touch is that you can easily adjust the tightness of the ‘suck’ by exerting pressure with your fingers to the side of the masturbator. Limited reveiws so far have been quite mixed but seems definately worth checking out!

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Dr Joel Kaplan Power Stroker Masturbator

joel-kaplan-power-strokerPower Stroker (£14)

Soft and squidgy, this heavily ribbed and noduled male masturbator has 3 layers of differently patterned textures to stimulate your penis with.  The deeper you go in, the more stimulated your penis will feel!  An exciting new male sex toy from Dr Joel Kaplan.

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Vibrating Super Head Honcho

vibrating-honchoVibrating Head Honcho (£22)

The Sue Johanson Head Honcho is still one of my all time favourite male masturbators, and easily the best sex toy for men for under £25.  First Sue Johanson improved it with the ‘Super Head Honcho‘ and now they have come out with the ‘Vibrating Super Head Honcho’.  That’s right, you now have a sophisticated bullet vibrator with mutiple speeds to make your stroker sessions even more intense!  What’s even better is the fact that they are still selling this toy for under £25.

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